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 Feminine Inq: A Feminist Lit Zine

Feminine Inquiry is a feminist literary and arts zine founded in Austin, Texas by a group of like-minded folks. We are an intersectional zine focused on highlighting the work of people like you: women, trans* folk, genderqueer people, people of color, those under the LGBT umbrella, those disabled or differently-abled, etc. We want to celebrate artists, writers and creators like you, placing you in the spotlight of the creative world by creating zines that emphasize the achievements of marginalized voices while focusing on the feminist issues which surround our daily lives.

We’ve published three print issues so far (all of which are free to download via digital copy or can be bought in print): our Summer 2015 issueFall 2015 issue, and most recently, our Spring 2016 issue. We will be opening submissions again on our shiny new Submittable account very soon!

We accept all forms of prose, poetry, essays, writing, and art from people of any gender anywhere. We’d like your submissions to focus on topics regarding identity, color, gender, womanhood, and similar topics, but these are defined loosely. Feminist works take a variety of forms and we’re happy to consider what you’ve got. Your submissions should be polished, publishable, and thoroughly creative!

Connect with us (and let us connect with you) on Twitter and Facebook, and let’s stay in touch.