April 7th: Weekly Web Wrap-Up

After a quick break, we’re back in the action:

Our Third Issue’s been released online
Shameless plug, but worth the read. Featuring non-fiction and poetry, including our non-fiction prize winner!

Fem Editors Talk Back: Literature as Resistance

The wonderful editors at the Fem talk about literature as resistance. Worth the read for all of you out there who care about the social impact of literature.

Femsplain Returns
Femsplain is back and that makes us happy. If you don’t know what it is, here’s how they describe it: “inspires discussion and connection through storytelling. We believe stories are most powerful when people feel safe enough to authentically share themselves — that’s why we are building an inclusive space for those who identify as women and gender nonconforming individuals to tell these personal stories.”

Literary Witches by Katy Horan and Taisia Kitaiskaia Over at Electric Literature
A cool comic about literary witches, it doesn’t really need much more explanation.

How Not to Talk About African Fiction by Ainehi Edoro
A great piece on the ways we talk about African Fiction.

Interviews with the Finalists for the ManBooker Prize


The author

Cole Bubenik is the Co-managing editor of The Feminine Inquiry, a short story writer, and a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. English. He writes things which are domestic, apocalyptic, fantastic, romantic, and at all times queer.

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