Cole Bubenik

Cole Bubenik is the Co-managing editor of The Feminine Inquiry, a short story writer, and a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. English. He writes things which are domestic, apocalyptic, fantastic, romantic, and at all times queer.


April 7th: Weekly Web Wrap-Up

After a quick break, we’re back in the action:

Our Third Issue’s been released online
Shameless plug, but worth the read. Featuring non-fiction and poetry, including our non-fiction prize winner!

Fem Editors Talk Back: Literature as Resistance

The wonderful editors at the Fem talk about literature as resistance. Worth the read for all of you out there who care about the social impact of literature.

Femsplain Returns
Femsplain is back and that makes us happy. If you don’t know what it is, here’s how they describe it: “inspires discussion and connection through storytelling. We believe stories are most powerful when people feel safe enough to authentically share themselves — that’s why we are building an inclusive space for those who identify as women and gender nonconforming individuals to tell these personal stories.”

Literary Witches by Katy Horan and Taisia Kitaiskaia Over at Electric Literature
A cool comic about literary witches, it doesn’t really need much more explanation.

How Not to Talk About African Fiction by Ainehi Edoro
A great piece on the ways we talk about African Fiction.

Interviews with the Finalists for the ManBooker Prize


March 10th: Weekly Web Wrap Up

We had international Women’s day, articles on MFAs (again), and plenty of time to get ready for spring break. Check it out:

33 Life-Changing Books in Honor of International Women’s Day at LitHub
International Women’s Day is over (officially but with us it’s always women’s day) but that doesn’t mean you can’t read some great books.

21 Female-Fronted Bands You Need to Listen To by Kathryn Hensch at Bust
Some jams to get you pumped for spring break.

The YA Book Prize Shortlist 
If you’re into Young Adult books, you’ll be into this.

The 2016 Baileys Prize Longlist
The Bailey Prize celebrates UK, english writing, women. Check out this fabulous list of women writers.

MFA vs CPU: Another MFA Article Misses the Bigger Picture by Lincoln Michel 
Over at Electric Literature, Lincoln Michel takes on the equally infamous article from the Atlantic, “How Has the MFA Changed the Contemporary Novel.”

In Praise of the Mighty Zine by Liska Jacobs Over at LitHub
A dispatch from the LA Zine Fest about how awesome zines are.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Walked All Over Texas’ Restrictive Abortion Law at the Huffington Post
Okay, this was technically last week, but it still warrants the read.


March 03rd: Weekly Web Wrap Up

February’s over and March is finally here. Take a look at some of the things keeping us marching this week:

Writing On Adoption Over at Catapult
Nicole Chung has started a new series of writers talking about Adoption over at Catapult.

Ploughshares is now open for their Emerging Writer’s Contest

12 Women of Color Authors You Need to Know This Year by Melissa Ragsdale
Just in time for Women’s History Month

Ellen Fitzpatrick‘s Wise Men vs. Old Women: On Presidential Double Standards over at Lithub

If you’re still reeling from the Super Tuesday results and want some political talk to go with it.

The Supreme Court’s Test for Abortion Laws is a Poorly Defined Math Problem, over at Five Thirty Eight by Leah Libresco

Abortion rights are being fought over at the Supreme Court, here’s a great article on the math behind some of the arguments.

Current Culture

February 25th: Weekly Web Wrap-Up

All the best reads from this week of the web

The internet was on fire this week, from articles about diversity in publishing and hollywood to undead hipsters, here are the things we wish we wrote, but didn’t.

“You Will be Tokenized”: Speaking Out About the State of Diversity in Publishing by Molly Mcradle over at BrooklynMag.

Molly Mcradle speaks to a group of diverse writers, editors, assistants, publishers, etc, about the state of diversity in publishing. An eye-opener that further humanizes the  Lee & Low diversity study published in January 2016.

What It’s Really Like to Work in Hollywood* (If You’re Not a Straight White Man) by Melena Ryzik over at the New York Times

Melena Ryzik speaks to producers, actors, actresses, editors, writers, etc. about working in Hollywood as a person of color, woman, or non straight-white man.

23 Books to Be Excited for In March over at LitHub

Getting you prepared for another month of great reading.

Unruly Characters: A Conversation with Kelly Link and Keith Lee Morris over at The Millions

Harper Lee and the Myth of the Post-Racial America by Kate Jenkins over at LitHub

Harper Lee passed away February 19th, and Kate Jenkins discusses the complex legacy a beloved writer like her has on Southern identity and race-relations.

The Undead Hipster by  Kashana Cauley over at Catapult

Kashana Cauley looks at Hipsterism as a substitute for a declining middle-class comfort. A wild and insightful read.


Issue 2 Lineup

Issue 2 is almost here. We’ve spent a lot of time reading over your submissions and looking for the best of the best, and oh boy, did we get a ton of them. On top of that, we had our first fiction contest, and ended up flooded with some really great fiction pieces! We’ve looked them over, we’ve talked them over, we’ve debated, cried, and even laughed, and after much deliberation it’s my pleasure to announce the official Feminine Inquiry Issue 2 Line up:

2015 Fall Prize for Fiction

Andiswa Onke Maqutu – “Black Beyond Africa” Read our Interview with Andiswa

2015 Fall Prize for Fiction Runner Up

Michelle Panik – “The Stroller”

Fiction By

Annika G. Morgan – “Identification”

Poetry By

Audrey Carrol – “North Tarrytown” and  “Between the Lines”
Aza Pace – “New Teeth”
May Huang – “Unwomanly” and “Mei Méi”

Art by

Gina Astuto – “Airplane Ice”
Carissa Sandoval and Christina Hamilton – “Houses”

Online Pieces By

Dana Swift – “Scaredy Horse”
David Edwards – “Οὖτις”