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Simultaneously eloquent and foul-mouthed with a seething spirit for life, knowledge, adventure, and good conversation. Enjoys napping with fervor, dancing like Stevie Nicks, talking about women's issues, and celebrating breakfast food.

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Welcome to the Lifestyle Section

By Frances Molina

Welcome to the Lifestyle Section! This is a brand new section from “Feminine Inquiry” and it’s got a little something different going on. While our main blog concentrates on a range of topics from women’s art and literature to serious cultural issues, the Lifestyle Section will focus on bringing a lighter and more playful mood to our readers! Here you can find all sorts of articles that satisfy your questions and curiosities on food, fashion, beauty, nostalgia, sex and relationships, advice on health and wellbeing, and even great suggestions for groovy places and fun things to do in the city of Austin. Most importantly, the Lifestyle section is a positive community that caters to a widely diverse audience and strives to generate content that reflects the inclusive and supportive attitudes of its writers and editors. On that note: sit back and scroll through! This month is all about the lifestyle section, we hope you enjoy and come back for more!

-Frances Molina, Lifestyle Editor