Jourden V. Sander

Jourden Sander is the EIC of Feminine Inquiry. She is a writer, editor, tennis player, cosplayer, and anime geek who walks her stubborn corgi. She is a feminist and a fan of hot tea. She vaguely dislikes people who won't use the Oxford comma and finds it difficult to not repetitively use pronouns in a bio. She challenges you to a street race in her Mazda 3. She says hello.


Q&A with Slam Poet Loyce Gayo

By Jourden V. Sander

Loyce Gayo : junior at UT, African and African Diaspora Studies major, artist and Spitshine slam poet. When I first saw Spitshine—national collegiate champions of slam poetry—perform, it was an enlightening experience. As a creative writer, poet and artist myself, I had never experienced or consumed poetry in this way before. This form of art was new to me. Wanting to know more about slamming, I did a Q&A with slam poet, Loyce Goya, and asked her to tell us her story. Continue reading