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Local Lit: Reviewing Issue 16 of Vagina

As a born and bred Austinite I can fully attest to Austin’s local cultural scene. Austin as a city values the talents and projects of its neighbors, true to the literary community as well. After creating Feminine Inquiry, I continued exploring other zines in hopes of becoming better, of learning more. I was shocked to find that Austin’s lit community is much bigger than I’d originally thought, and yet, still feels intimate. There are several lit zines and journals, but not too many to enjoy and keep track of. There are plenty of local poets, writers and artists, some of which have been “discovered” and others that seem to create to create, not for the sake of discovery.

I used to write book reviews for a local newspaper when I lived in Georgetown, TX. I mostly focused on the big stuff: bestsellers, big names, and the most talked about. For this new project, I’m changing my focus with Local Lit: a regular book and zine review featuring creators exclusively from Austin.

If you’re interested in having your zine or book reviewed for Local Lit, please email us at

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