February 25th: Weekly Web Wrap-Up

All the best reads from this week of the web

The internet was on fire this week, from articles about diversity in publishing and hollywood to undead hipsters, here are the things we wish we wrote, but didn’t.

“You Will be Tokenized”: Speaking Out About the State of Diversity in Publishing by Molly Mcradle over at BrooklynMag.

Molly Mcradle speaks to a group of diverse writers, editors, assistants, publishers, etc, about the state of diversity in publishing. An eye-opener that further humanizes the  Lee & Low diversity study published in January 2016.

What It’s Really Like to Work in Hollywood* (If You’re Not a Straight White Man) by Melena Ryzik over at the New York Times

Melena Ryzik speaks to producers, actors, actresses, editors, writers, etc. about working in Hollywood as a person of color, woman, or non straight-white man.

23 Books to Be Excited for In March over at LitHub

Getting you prepared for another month of great reading.

Unruly Characters: A Conversation with Kelly Link and Keith Lee Morris over at The Millions

Harper Lee and the Myth of the Post-Racial America by Kate Jenkins over at LitHub

Harper Lee passed away February 19th, and Kate Jenkins discusses the complex legacy a beloved writer like her has on Southern identity and race-relations.

The Undead Hipster by  Kashana Cauley over at Catapult

Kashana Cauley looks at Hipsterism as a substitute for a declining middle-class comfort. A wild and insightful read.


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