Feminine Inquiry’s Inaugural Issue is Here

Feminine Inquiry Issue Team

It’s Here! After months of hard work, Feminine Inquiry Issue 1 is finally available for your viewing pleasure. This moment means a lot to all of us here at Feminine Inquiry. When we started this back in late July, we were a bunch of wide-eyed optimists with honestly little clue of what we were doing. But we had a vision: we wanted to create a literary magazine which represented female artists, empowered people to start dialogues on feminism, prodded people to question notions of gender, society, sexuality, politics, and most of all, was an enjoyable read for all.

I’d like to think we’ve done that here. Feminine Inquiry Issue 1 is not a web-based thing. It’s available online as a digital journal for $3.00, as well as a print-on-demand option available for $10.00 over here. All your purchases help us to further Feminine Inquiry and keep it operational. We’ve loved every minute of this and all of us have high hopes to continue this on, learning as we go, growing as we go. It means a lot to us that you all are stilling following us around, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’re offering you now.

Coming up, there’s going to be a site re-design, some new content pushed out to the blog, and, a special exclusive online journal titled “Beyond the Spine” which includes some extra goodies from Feminine Inquiry’s first issue.

Stick around, and thanks for standing by us.

The Feminine Inquiry Team


The author

Feminine Inquiry is a literary and arts journal found in Austin, Texas by a group of like-minded men and women. We’re interested in placing women in the spotlight of the creative world by creating a journal which emphasizes the achievements of self-identifying women and simultaneously focuses on the feminist issues which surround their daily lives.

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