Issue 2 Lineup

Issue 2 is almost here. We’ve spent a lot of time reading over your submissions and looking for the best of the best, and oh boy, did we get a ton of them. On top of that, we had our first fiction contest, and ended up flooded with some really great fiction pieces! We’ve looked them over, we’ve talked them over, we’ve debated, cried, and even laughed, and after much deliberation it’s my pleasure to announce the official Feminine Inquiry Issue 2 Line up:

2015 Fall Prize for Fiction

Andiswa Onke Maqutu – “Black Beyond Africa” Read our Interview with Andiswa

2015 Fall Prize for Fiction Runner Up

Michelle Panik – “The Stroller”

Fiction By

Annika G. Morgan – “Identification”

Poetry By

Audrey Carrol – “North Tarrytown” and  “Between the Lines”
Aza Pace – “New Teeth”
May Huang – “Unwomanly” and “Mei Méi”

Art by

Gina Astuto – “Airplane Ice”
Carissa Sandoval and Christina Hamilton – “Houses”

Online Pieces By

Dana Swift – “Scaredy Horse”
David Edwards – “Οὖτις”


The author

Cole Bubenik is the Co-managing editor of The Feminine Inquiry, a short story writer, and a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. English. He writes things which are domestic, apocalyptic, fantastic, romantic, and at all times queer.

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