March 10th: Weekly Web Wrap Up

We had international Women’s day, articles on MFAs (again), and plenty of time to get ready for spring break. Check it out:

33 Life-Changing Books in Honor of International Women’s Day at LitHub
International Women’s Day is over (officially but with us it’s always women’s day) but that doesn’t mean you can’t read some great books.

21 Female-Fronted Bands You Need to Listen To by Kathryn Hensch at Bust
Some jams to get you pumped for spring break.

The YA Book Prize Shortlist 
If you’re into Young Adult books, you’ll be into this.

The 2016 Baileys Prize Longlist
The Bailey Prize celebrates UK, english writing, women. Check out this fabulous list of women writers.

MFA vs CPU: Another MFA Article Misses the Bigger Picture by Lincoln Michel 
Over at Electric Literature, Lincoln Michel takes on the equally infamous article from the Atlantic, “How Has the MFA Changed the Contemporary Novel.”

In Praise of the Mighty Zine by Liska Jacobs Over at LitHub
A dispatch from the LA Zine Fest about how awesome zines are.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Walked All Over Texas’ Restrictive Abortion Law at the Huffington Post
Okay, this was technically last week, but it still warrants the read.


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