Meet the Staff

DSC_0182Jourden V. Sander

Jourden V. Sander is the EIC of Fem Inq! In addition to editing thingz for Fem Inq she reads for the Austin Review and Crab Fat Magazine. She is a bookseller, writer, atheist, and greedy pansexual. She’s been published a few places including The Fem, Five2One, The Rumpus, Ghost City Press, Maudlin House, the Austin International Poetry Festival 2015 anthology Di-Vêrsé-City, and others. She wears a different color lipstick every day of the week and finds you suspicious. She says hello! Follow her on twitter @jourdensander.

Elizabeth Williams
Managing Editor | Print Content 

Elizabeth Williams is the co-managing editor of Feminine Inquiry, focusing on editing the journal. She recently graduated from the UT journalism school and is a reporter, writer, and pop culture enthusiast. She’ll listen to anything at least once and has an overwhelming affinity for Hello Kitty. When she isn’t writing or reading, she may be found dancing in her bathroom mirror or…well, that’s pretty much it.

Cole Bubenik
Managing Editor | Web Content
Blog Editor: Current Culture

Cole Bubenik is the Co-managing editor of Feminine Inquiry, in charge of blog-content and organization. He is also a short story writer, and a final-semester-senior at the University of Texas at Austin studying English, and a generally enjoyable person to hang around. He writes things which are domestic, apocalyptic, fantastic, romantic, and at all times queer.


Amaya Alejandra
Art Director:
Amaya is a nomadic multimedia artist with a passion for ephemeral experience and identity. Word on the streets says she dabbles with lights, performance, and keeping it dreamy. Daytime: tour guide / greenbelt junkie. Night time: art maker / show go-er. Obsessed with: Pippilotti Rist, Frida Khalo, and Samarah Golden

Contributing Members/Contributing Writers:

Cody Bubenik – Contributing Illustrator
Sunny Leal – Reader
Rachel Osterloh – Guest Writer
Nori Hubert – Guest Writer

Founding Members / Legacy Members:

Sarah Neal, Mandy Romenesko, Kelsey William, Lauren Ferguson, Jennifer Garcia, Andrea E. Martinez, Frances Molina, Aza Pace, Annyston Pennington, Sunny Leal