Feminine Inquiry will be accepting submissions via our shiny new Submittable account in just two weeks!


Here at Feminine Inquiry we’re interested in publishing works from insightful and talented artists from across the globe. We’re interested in literature that excites and thrills, that’s heartbreaking, joyous, somber, political, humorous, and full of raw and passionate intensity. We welcome submissions from people in all walks of life and will never turn down a submission based on the person. Although we started  Feminine Inquiry with the mindset of featuring creative works by self-identifying female artists, as well as featuring works which highlight feminist issues, we also accept work which falls outside of that realm.

We are currently looking for works of prose, poetry, writing, and art. We love short stories, poem collections, personal narratives, academic essays, paintings, drawings, lithographies, comics, flash fiction, political essays, sonnets, plays, and anything else you can think of submitting to us. If possible, buy one of our past print issues on Magcloud (or download the digital for for free) and read Beyond the Spine, our free online extension to the zine, to get a better idea of what we like to publish.

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    1. Hi Karen,

      We currently don’t have a guideline for filesizes, however, the smallest file size you can send us without losing quality would be best. If we decide to feature your art we might reach out to you for a larger file size, if necessary.

    1. Hi, Lani! Thanks for your interest. So I personally don’t mind if a piece has been published on a blog so long as you don’t have, like, a million followers haha! If you could send along the link where it was originally published that would be great, but shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Hi! My name is Fabiola, and I was wondering – where would I submit my poetry? Are there certain guidelines or requirements? I’m 15 yrs old and I’m really interested in how this works! C:

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