Hey all! Our Selfie Call is closed but we will be reopening submissions here very soon via our shiny new Submittable page! More details to come!

~Calling all the beautiful darlings & their shameless selfies~

You’ve heard that selfies are going to be downfall of this world, especially for us young folks, but Fem Inq disagrees. Selfies, self-portraits, whatever you’d like to call them, can be a fantastic medium to better study yourself and your insecurities. You can look at yourself in new ways and find new angles to your beauty. You can learn to love yourself better and share that love with the world. You can own the lines and curves that make you you and reflect on what “self-image” really means. And we want to see that. Show us that #BlackGirlMagic, and your #sundayselfie. Give us your freckles, your smiles, your frowns, your bare bodies, your hijabs, and more. We want to see you really feelin’ yourself.

These selfies will be published in our next print issue, but we may also use some in the digital issue as well as share on Instagram and Twitter (with the contributor’s permission first).

Selfies of all types are welcome including but not limited to: smartphone front-facing camera selfies, DSLR/profesh selfies, full body, close up, nude, fully clothed, expressions and emotions of all types, artsy, simple backdrops or busy ones—really, we will look at all of your selfies. Selfies that express personal identities are especially welcome. Selfies that make you feel badass/awesome/beautiful/empowered are especially welcome. Get creative with it!

A word on ~nude~ selfies <3: we want to ensure that all selfies submitted to this call are indeed the submitter’s photos (and not stolen or being sent without permission), so if you’re sending nude selfies, please follow these extra steps:

  1. After you send your email following the guidelines below, follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram @feminineinquiry and DM us. Let us know that you’ve sent us an email for the selfie call and that you’re sending a nude photo that is indeed your own. We will check your account to verify that you’re real.
  2. In the email, please state that you’re sending nude selfies and type this agreement stating that the photo(s) are yours: “I NAME am submitting a nude selfie to Feminine Inquiry’s submission call for selfies. In sending these photos I am promising that they are my own and belong to me. I give Feminine Inquiry permission to publish these photos.”
  3. Let us know if you would only like the nude photos to be considered for a certain type of medium: in the print or digital issue, or on our social media accounts (of course we would have to comply by social media rules when necessary).

It may seem like an extra hassle to prove your selfies are yours but we want to protect unsuspecting folks from photos being shared without permission, and we want to be absolutely sure everything we’re publishing belongs to the person submitting it. That said, send us your nudes <3!

When you’re ready, send us no more than three selfies to — with the subject line “LAST NAME-SELFIE.” In the email please include a short, third person bio and a one to three sentence answer to this question: “What do selfies mean to you/why are they empowering?” And include any personal identities you feel like sharing in a simple one-word list: genderqueer, writer, biracial, gay, artist, poly, ect. And please include your social media accounts if you have any! If you’re also submitting written work then you may include the selfie with your written submissions and follow the technical guidelines of BOTH as usual, or you may send two separate emails.

All right! We want to see photos from all colors, sizes, genders and identities. Show us your you.

Slay us with your (self)ies.


Fem Inq