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An Interview with our 2016 Nonfiction Contest Winner: Megan Lambert

Last fall we held a fiction contest and awarded first place to our international recipient Andiswa Onke Maqutu for her poignant story, “Black Beyond Africa” (which can be read for free by downloading the digital copy of Issue 2). For third issue, we held a nonfiction contest and asked for your truest of stories; awarding the first place prize to someone much closer to Feminine Inquiry’s home.

As usual, I was astounded and so thankful for all the talented submissions we read. We really do enjoy reading and curating the creative works we receive. We don’t get as many submissions as larger zines and journals get, but, in a way, I think that’s a good thing. Having fewer submissions allows us a more personal reading experience and gives us the opportunity to personally respond to the submissions we receive, reject, and especially, to those we accept.

On our final day of submissions, we received one last contest entry. Little did we know that this submission would ultimately be chosen as the winner. We are excited to announce Megan Lambert and her wonderful nonfiction piece, “A Few Memorable Events” as the winner of Feminine Inquiry’s 2016 Nonfiction Contest!

Read on to learn more about this great story, and equally great writer, and make sure to attend our launch party to hear Megan read from the story herself.

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