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Issue 2 Lineup

Issue 2 is almost here. We’ve spent a lot of time reading over your submissions and looking for the best of the best, and oh boy, did we get a ton of them. On top of that, we had our first fiction contest, and ended up flooded with some really great fiction pieces! We’ve looked them over, we’ve talked them over, we’ve debated, cried, and even laughed, and after much deliberation it’s my pleasure to announce the official Feminine Inquiry Issue 2 Line up:

2015 Fall Prize for Fiction

Andiswa Onke Maqutu – “Black Beyond Africa” Read our Interview with Andiswa

2015 Fall Prize for Fiction Runner Up

Michelle Panik – “The Stroller”

Fiction By

Annika G. Morgan – “Identification”

Poetry By

Audrey Carrol – “North Tarrytown” and  “Between the Lines”
Aza Pace – “New Teeth”
May Huang – “Unwomanly” and “Mei Méi”

Art by

Gina Astuto – “Airplane Ice”
Carissa Sandoval and Christina Hamilton – “Houses”

Online Pieces By

Dana Swift – “Scaredy Horse”
David Edwards – “Οὖτις”


Issue Two Submissions Update

Issue 1 of Feminine Inquiry has been out for some time now and we’ve all been thinking towards the future. We had a blast producing Issue 1, and even more fun hosting our launch party and listening to our fabulous contributors read their pieces, but the most fun part of any literary journal is, of course, getting submissions. There’s something thrilling about culling through a pile of phenomenal writers, oohing and awing over their masterful words, salivating over their sentences (okay not everyone does this), and clapping for joy when we find something we really like.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that we’re about to open submissions again for Feminine Inquiry‘s Second Issue! But wait, there’s more! While we’re still going to be accepting any works of prose, poetry, and art by anyone, anywhere, we’re mixing things up a bit this issue as well. First and foremost, the details: submissions will open up on June 24th and run till August 31st. We intend on publishing Issue 2 in mid October, so we need ample time to plan and prep. As I mentioned above, we accept all works of prose, poetry, and art, by anyone, anywhere, regardless of how they personally identify. For more information on what we’re looking for, hop over to our submission page. 

Now for the new and exciting information:

We’re pleased to announce that Issue 2 will include Feminine Inquiry’s first ever Fiction Contest! We’re looking for Short stories and works of fiction that are exciting, refreshing, well thought out, and just overall great reads. The winner of our 2015 Fall Prize for Fiction will receive a check for $100, publication in Issue 2, a free digital copy of the journal, as well as copious amounts of praise by our fans, followers, and staff members! The contest will also include two runner-ups, who will each receive publication in the journal and a free digital copy of the journal. The contest is free and open to the public, for more rules and judging guidelines, please read below and check out our contest page.

So with all that said, fire up your computers, dust off your short stories, and send us the best you got! We’ll be waiting for it!


An Apology and Some Clarifications: an Open Letter from the Staff

Feminine Inquiry Team

Hey all,

Feminine Inquiry’s first issue came out and, of course, all of on the team have been working hard and sort of frantically jumping from point A to point B. A lot has been going on in our respective lives, some of us have been trying to find new jobs, others of us were finalizing our graduation plans, so needless to say there’s been a lot of outside stressors coming into the journal.

Unfortunately, in all of that chaos a couple of mistakes were made and a couple of things got left out that we all felt horrible about and wanted to rectify as soon as possible. First and foremost, an art submission by Gina Astuto was left out due to a miscommunication between our editors and the contributor. We all loved Astuto’s piece and were enthusiastic about publishing it, but due to this miscommunication we didn’t receive the proper files in time. We feel like it’s important to address this with our audience as we created this journal to celebrate you and showcase the phenomenal talent that all of you have to offer. It’s disappointing to us that this mistake was made, but we’re guaranteeing that this type of mistake won’t happen again and we’re working hard to rectify the present situation with the artist in question.

Another important omission actually comes from our staff page, or rather, our lack thereof within the journal’s first issue. A miscommunication internally between the main editors resulted in a main staff page being left out which featured all of our founding members. Frankly, there is no excuse for this. Our blog editors and writers have been instrumental in creating Feminine Inquiry, and, speaking as the managing editor for our blog content, have all gone above and beyond their call of duty. I’d like to take this small space here to recognize all of our past, and current blog team members: Lauren Ferguson, Frances Molina, Sarah Neal, Annyston Pennington Abby Hilling, Kelsey Williams, Mandy Romenesko, Jennifer Garcia, and Andrea Martinez. Without them I, and the rest of the Feminine Inquiry team, would have been completely lost and helpless, and in such, they deserve appropriate recognition for being the talented and dedicated writers they have been. As the journal moves forward we intend on having a more permanent staff page, which lists any core staff member as either a present member or a founding member. They will remain, for as long as Feminine Inquiry is active, as founding members of the team—an honor they’ve all have more than earned.

As we move forward we ask that you all continue to grow with us. We’re committed to providing a journal that is not just a safe space for artists and writers, but which provides a safe and communal atmosphere for anyone involved. We’re sure to mess up a bit as we attempt to do this, but we ask that you stick with us, and we hope that you’ll sincerely accept our apology for these unfortunate events.


The Feminine Inquiry Team

Lifestyle, News

Welcome to the Lifestyle Section

By Frances Molina

Welcome to the Lifestyle Section! This is a brand new section from “Feminine Inquiry” and it’s got a little something different going on. While our main blog concentrates on a range of topics from women’s art and literature to serious cultural issues, the Lifestyle Section will focus on bringing a lighter and more playful mood to our readers! Here you can find all sorts of articles that satisfy your questions and curiosities on food, fashion, beauty, nostalgia, sex and relationships, advice on health and wellbeing, and even great suggestions for groovy places and fun things to do in the city of Austin. Most importantly, the Lifestyle section is a positive community that caters to a widely diverse audience and strives to generate content that reflects the inclusive and supportive attitudes of its writers and editors. On that note: sit back and scroll through! This month is all about the lifestyle section, we hope you enjoy and come back for more!

-Frances Molina, Lifestyle Editor